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Peter Eagle

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Peter Eagle (Pedro N. Aguilar) obtained studies in Architecture at Bakersfield College and Computer Science at California Baptist University (CBU). He has a passion for writing and offers a complete new world of stories and scripts. His Genres are Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young adult fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Bildungsroman. His passion for writing is complemented by his artistic ability as a painter in the abstract Neo-Expressionism trend. His stories and scripts will leave a mark on each person who reads them.




Gems in the Hotel

A little jewel in the middle of the desert where men are being killed. Gems in the Hotel is more than a crime novel. We are surrounded by people who appear to be who they really are not. People who claim to love us but actually stab us in the back. We will never fully know what is real. Gems in the Hotel is an example of that. A hotel becomes the perfect place for a murderer to carry out the most heinous acts. Challenging a detective to follow the clues that lead to the capture of this mysterious person. However, it will be difficult because the detective is looking for the killer in the wrong place, without imagining that the killer is closer than he thinks.

Zombie: The Curse of the Lightless

When a man seeks revenge for the death of his daughter, he re-lives a curse that was dead for years, forcing a young architect to seek protection for his family and friends; "The script", a cursed video that destroys the soul of those who watch it, turning them into "lightless", people similar to demons thirsty for destruction, darkness and death. After the daughter of Raymond was cruelly ran over by a group of teenagers who were drunk driving, He seeks revenge by reliving a curse that had been dead for years, knowing that many people pass hours on their phones on social media He re-lives "The script" a cursed video that is transmitted in each social media, transforming all its spectators to "lightless" demonic beings without soul that destroy and kill people cruelly.

Meet the author

When did the author first starts writing?
When he was 5 years old.

What motivated you to become an author?
Books allow us to travel to other dimensions.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Share my stories!

What do your readers mean to you?
They are my motivation to keep dreaming and writing.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
It inspires me to know that I am alive. Hearing the birds outside my window, seeing the clouds, breathing. All the things we can enjoy while we are alive.

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I do Data Architecture and Software Engineering among other things.