Peter Eagle

Author of Gems in the Hotel

Peter Eagle (Pedro N. Aguilar) Peter Eagle (Pedro N. Aguilar) obtained studies in Architecture at Bakersfield College and Computer Science at California Baptist University (CBU). He has a passion for writing and offers a complete new world of stories and scripts. His Genres are Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young adult fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Bildungsroman. His passion for writing is complemented by his artistic ability as a painter in the abstract Neo-Expressionism trend. His stories and scripts will leave a mark on each person who reads them.

peter eagle author of gems in the hotel

Who am I?

Like most people who are passionate about reading or writing. I'm a dreamer. Born to Guatemalan immigrant parents. I did my first book when I was seven years old. At that time, I loved to draw, so it was more drawings than letters. My parents used to live in Los Angeles, California. On January 5, 2000 — my mother went to Jutiapa, Guatemala to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. Unfortunately, as usual, the third world countries are full of violence. My mother would not be the exception to become another victim of this plague. She and my uncle were murdered. A murder that the country's authorities ignored. When I was 22 years old, I moved to California. My dream, since I was a child had been to become an architect. Although in reality I had and have many dreams. To be a writer, an architect, an engineer, a painter, to be that person who does his bit to make our world a better place. When I arrived in California, God, the Universe gave me the opportunity to start studying Architecture at Bakersfield College, and then transfer to Computer Science at California Baptist University (CBU). I write but also have a passion for Data architecture, Software Engineering, and Cybersecurity Engineering, among other things that I also practice. I write not to have perfect grammar, but to share the dreams and stories that I have in me. Things that the universe, God allows me to share.